10 Best Courier Services in Singapore for Your eCommerce Store

By: Ruviene Domingo


28 Jan 2022

10 Best Courier Services in Singapore for Your eCommerce Store - Verz Design

For eCommerce business owners, it is imperative to ensure that orders are being delivered on time and in good condition. At the same time, they also have to make sure that their shipping costs are within their profit margins. To minimize their costs, eCommerce owners are always looking for affordable and professional ecommerce courier services. Finding an ecommerce courier service that has the highest success rate along with affordable pricing can get a bit taxing. Especially when there are many courier service providers out there to consider. 

Read on for a comprehensive guide about ecommerce courier services in Singapore and decide what is best for your eCommerce store. Learn some of the best tips in choosing the most cost-effective and suitable courier service provider. 

Tips for Choosing the Right Courier Service in Singapore

Selecting the right courier service partner is important to ensure that you are providing your customers with the best shipping experience. Consider the below factors when choosing the service provider that works best for your business, so that you can make the right informed choice.

Size of products

Firstly, the size and weight of your products are determining factors for the ecommerce courier service you choose. You may have to pay extra costs for delivering large items or pick a different courier since some courier services do not transport large and heavy items. 


The ecommerce courier service’s costs are also important factors to consider. High costs do not always mean you’re paying for the best service. Hence, you should only make a decision on costs after making sure that the ecommerce courier service can provide all the things that you are looking for in a courier.

Lead time

The time it takes for your customers to receive their items from your courier service can impact the reputation of your business and increase or decrease your overall sales. The happier your customers are with the speed of your courier service, the more likely they are to purchase again from you.

Credibility and Reliability of Provider

Yes, your deliveries are handled by a separate ecommerce courier service. However, your customers will associate a good or bad shipping experience with your business and not the courier service you use. The customer service provided by delivery companies may not be completely within your control, however, it’s worth considering when choosing a courier service partner. To find out whether your chosen delivery partner is really reliable, you may start by checking your customer reviews. Moreover, you may also send out quick surveys asking them to rate how satisfied they are with their shipping experience.

Same-day delivery

If the products you offer are perishable, you’ll need an ecommerce courier service that can deliver as quickly as possible or one that really offers ecommerce courier services for perishable goods. 

Large & bulky item delivery

If your products are large and heavy such as furniture or house appliances, you’ll need a courier service that is an expert in handling such items. These are ecommerce courier services with a fleet of vans and lorries to transport large quantities of items or oversized items.

International delivery 

Get your products delivered to customers staying overseas with a courier service that provides international shipping from Singapore. Additionally, take into account the delivery speeds, product/size/weight restrictions, delivery insurance, parcel tracking and customer service.

Best Local Courier Services in Singapore

With so many courier service providers to choose from, how do you know which ones are reliable and will deliver your items on time? We’ve narrowed down the options by compiling a list of the best local and international courier services available in Singapore.

1. EasyParcel

EasyParcel - Local courier services in Singapore

EasyParcel Singapore is an online booking platform that can deliver any type of parcel. Unlike other courier companies, you may be able to get instant quotes from them by simply visiting their website. They also accept bulk upload which means you can make orders up to 100 times at a time. This feature is perfect for small businesses that do not have their own delivery service yet.

EasyParcel’s partnership with other premium courier companies is quite commendable. This allows them to cater to domestic and international delivery. They are in partnership with QXpress, Ninjavan, Singapore Post, Viamove, UPS, Park Parcel, UrbanFox, TNT, J&T Express, Aramex, PickUpp, XDel, Airpak, Jani, SF Express, and many more. 

2. Singpost

Singpost - Local courier services in Singapore

Singpost is a well-known courier service in Singapore. Their many post office branches throughout the country make it easy to pick up or send your package. They’re also a go-to courier for both local businesses and online sellers. They use postage paid poly mailers to send your items.

3. SendSingapore

SendSingapore - Local courier services in Singapore

SendSingapore is a courier service in Singapore powered by a software called Yojee™. Yojee™ is a technology based logistics platform that aims to ensure that deliveries will reach their customers quickly. If you’re a business owner, they can be one of the best delivery partners you can tap. In addition, they also offer same-day delivery. Therefore, if you have anything to be delivered urgently, you can trust that they deliver on time.

4. GogoVan

GogoVan - Local courier services in Singapore

Gogovan is the first local courier service in Singapore that started with an app-based platform. They provide same-day delivery services and they even have an in-store kiosk that allows you to do self-booking. They’re also known for delivering bulky items so if you’re shipping furniture or appliances, GogoVan is a good option.

5. Qxpress Delivery

Qxpress Delivery - Local courier services in Singapore

Qxpress is also one of the most well-known reliable ecommerce courier services in Singapore with a world-class logistics and technology infrastructure. Some of their service highlights include the Qxpress Next Day Delivery service, and they also deliver large items at cheap rates.

6. UParcel

UParcel - Local courier services in Singapore

UParcel provides door-to-door services to lessen the hassle of going to the pick-up centres. One of their service highlights include their 24/7 shipment services. So if you have parcels that must be delivered urgently, you can trust that their service is reliable. Regardless of the size and weight of your packages, you can be certain that it will be delivered to your customers safe and secure. 

7. Grab Express

Grab Express - Local courier services in Singapore

Grab Express is among the most well-known courier service providers in Singapore. They pride themselves as an on-demand delivery service and provide live GPS tracking of your deliveries. Customers can choose from 3 vehicle types for items from 500g to 50kg and items are automatically insured. So if you’re looking for an immediate pickup and delivery for urgent items, Grab Express is definitely a good choice.

8. Lalamove

Lalamove - Local courier services in Singapore

Unlike many other courier services, Lalamove started as a moving services company that focuses on customers who will be moving to a different house, office or establishment. However, their business expanded eventually, so they added delivery options for smaller items. Also, they take pride in being able to provide one of the shortest delivery times.

9. Pickupp

Pickupp - Local courier services in Singapore

Pickupp, similar to a few on this list, is also a technology-based logistics platform that currently serves more than 21,000 merchants across Southeast Asia. They’re popular for their 4-hour same-day, next-day, and 1-to-3-day door-to-door delivery services. They provide their clients with an easy-to-use portal, parcel tracking, and a rating system that can help send your goods to your customers hassle-free. Lastly, their highly competitive rates can also make them one of the cheapest couriers in Singapore.

10. NinjaVan

NinjaVan - Local courier services in Singapore

Ninja Van’s no-weight-limit, all-you-can-fit delivery scheme is perfect for small packages. This is very ideal for small business owners who are looking for cheap courier services in Singapore. Ninja Van provides door to door delivery services in 1-3 days. They have approximately 400 drop off locations across the country, provide real-time tracking and  make up to 3 delivery attempts. Moreover, their straightforward operations and pricing are giving many people reasons to name them the most convenient small package courier service in Singapore.

Local Courier Services Comparison

Local courier services comparison

International Courier Services in Singapore

International courier services in Singapore for your eCommerce store

When it comes to comparing delivery companies, this guide and courier comparison checklist can help you find the right courier solution to support the growth of your business. If you can get the shipping experience right for your customers, you’ll start to build more trust in your online business. This will boost your online reputation and increase your overall sales. Finding the best courier service may seem like a challenging task, but it is certainly a worthwhile investment of your time.

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