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08 Jul 2015


People rise up in their careers and get senior management positions for a few simple reasons: they are trusted enough to make good corporate decisions which makes them a good leader and most important of all, they can also work as a team.

“When we work as a team, ideas evolve.  We don’t just get stuck with what we know because we get to merge ideas with one another.”
Johanz Isip, Web Designer

Last April 30 – May 3, 2015, memorable events transpired between the Singapore and Philippines Team as they met up at the beautiful and picturesque Plantation Bay Spa & Resort in Cebu, Philippines.  The entire resort set in 11 hectares of secluded grounds is filled with man-made pools in fresh and salt water and is conveniently located in a nearby beach. The entire resort is breathtaking. It’s one of those places that cannot be fully described by words; you have to see it to believe it.

With the tranquil and serene atmosphere that this paradise provides, it was truly a refreshing escapade for the whole company to relax and get to know one another on a more personal level. Being geographically separated with one another in spite of being workmates, this was a company event that was highly-anticipated by everyone.

Upon arrival in the resort, everyone exchanged their hellos over a sumptuous breakfast buffet and was given an ample time to rest before the official program starts. Henry Ng, the Operations Manager of Verz Design, gave a brief welcome message to everyone especially the newly-confirmed staff, followed by the individual introduction of all the employees.
Everyone was then divided into 4 teams represented by 4 colors: Red, Yellow, Blue and Green.  In the first game called, “Picture Frame”, the mechanics was to portray a given theme or word by creatively posing just like in a photograph. The judges will determine who will win depending on the most convincing photograph that has been showcased by the teams.

Hilarious themes were given such as countries like Japan and Singapore, TV shows like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead and even movies like Batman that earned the Red team the Champion title for that first game.

Next up was the Polynesian Medley, a somewhat teaser for the next day’s Amazing Race. There were several stations with 3 tasks (Physical, Mental and Creative) to complete, with a bonus round that will require one representative to concoct a Tequila Sunrise Cocktail.  Since physical tasks were on a “representatives-only” case-to-case basis, this allowed the non-athletic members to focus on the creative and mental challenges, giving each and every one a special role in the game.

The fierce and very competitive Red Team once again came in first and won the game but only the Blue Team was able to complete the bonus round in the right sequence, earning them bonus points.

“Teamwork in this company allows us to balance our strengths and weaknesses with each other and gives us the freedom to share our own thoughts.”
Kate Cordero, Web Designer

Dinner was served at 7:00 PM and everyone was dismissed early afterwards to allow a lot of sleep and rest for yet another challenging and exciting day ahead of them.

Delicious and generous servings of everyone’s ordered meals were served for breakfast to load up and energize all teams for today’s jam-packed program!
In the Amazing Race, each team were given a paper that enlisted all challenges that they need to accomplish in proper sequence. Challenges included going down on the big slide, diving, swimming, wall-climbing, kayaking, going in circles around a big rock and even kissing a resort staff of their opposite sex!  The first team who came in first was the Green team, but unfortunately, only the Red team was able to finish everything as a group and in proper sequence.  Once again, the Red team remains to be the 1st Place title holder with the most points amongst the rest.  The moral of this game was not just about finishing in first because that will not always guarantee the quality of your work. It’s all about following the rules and looking after your teammates to achieve that one common goal.


“Other strive to become number 1, but I on the other hand, strive for the whole team to become number 1. Nobody gets left behind.”
Ryan Babiera, Project Manager

After lunch and around 2 hours of rest, the program continues on with a game called, “Thunder Ball” where in all team members will have a balloon tied onto their leg; the goal is to pop the balloons of their opponents and the team with the most players that still have their balloons with them, wins.  Unbelievably, the Green team triumphed in this game and had the most points amongst everyone, beating the former 1st place title-holder, the Red Team.

Next up is the “Dragon’s Tail” with very simple rules: members of each team must hold on to each other’s’ waist (resembling a dragon) while the last member at the back will have a balloon tied behind him.  The goal of the game is for the first person in the dragon line to pop the balloons of their team’s opponents without their line collapsing.  Fortunately, the Red team once again, grabs back their 1st place title with this one.

The last game of the day is called “Filler Up” with all 4 teams having to choose their allies.  The Red teamed up with the Blue team, while the Yellow Team sided with the Green Team. The two combined teams had to fill up a pail with water using only the materials and clothes that they have with them. A lot of strategizing was needed for this game as because everyone did not have much with them so they ended up having to use their shoes and clothes to soak and press dry in order to fill the pail provided for them. The Yellow-Green team won, gaining the Yellow team the most points overall and once again, snatching away the title from the Red team.
A lovely Filipino-themed buffet was prepared for everyone with performers dancing to the traditional Filipino folk songs; right timing for our non-Filipino employees so that they can really experience the Filipino traditions in the Philippines!  In the middle of dinner, volunteers were being called to come up the stage and dance with the performers.  A lot of brave ones from the company went on stage and were able to dance some traditional Filipino dance steps to the Filipino folk tunes, including the directors Henry and Hou!  Dinner was followed with drinks, karaoke and dancing at the resort’s private lounge bar called the. “Alien Abduction”, ending the night with the conclusion of everyone getting the hang of the mantra, “Work Hard, Play Harder.”

“In this company, we are given our freedom and they trust us as well to know that we can perform according to their standards.”
Ann Ibanez, Sales Manager


The next day was free and easy to give everyone their free time to do whatever they wanted to do around Cebu.  Majority went on a whale shark trip, while others went on a city tour, got a body massage and bought souvenirs for their loved ones.

Morning came in again and everyone was served delicious breakfast on their last day before they headed to the next part of the program.

The last game was called, “Blind Man’s Walkathon” wherein basically, an irregular track with bottles and balls was laid out and the goal is for the blindfolded players to find the specific color of the ball asked from them without knocking down the bottles. A representative from the team may shout and give instructions to the blindfolded player, but at the same time, other teams may join in and mislead their opponents.  Once again, the Red Team grabs back their 1st place title and was labelled as the overall Champion followed by the Yellow team, Green team and last but not the least, the Blue Team.  Since everyone was a good sport, each team were given prizes, reminding everyone that everybody is a winner in this company.

Henry then gave a short but sweet talk about the highlights of the whole event, emphasizing on knowing how to party and play hard, but still being able to meet work commitments. He also talked about how the Yellow team, the dark horse of the whole game, beat the reigning champion, the Red team several times, with emphasis on the thought of knowing how to overcome obstacles when you work together as a team to meet a common goal.  The program then ended with a raffle draw.  Various gadgets were shown that brought excitement and smiles to everyone! Headphones, wireless external hard disks, Polaroid cameras, fitness bands and speakers were given out with the grand raffle draw: an Ipad Mini in Gold that went to our very own lucky designer, Gen Golamco!

Everyone was then greeted with a bountiful lunch buffet before the Singapore and Philippines team separate ways. After lunch, all bid their goodbyes with smiles on their faces as they head on back to their respective homes.

“We conduct team buildings to establish the bond and trust in one another. Although costly, with each member having to put aside personal time, the return – that’s immeasurable!”
Henry Ng, Operations Manager

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