Creative & Cheeky Advertisements Generate More Attention

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It seems that in today’s business world everything requires more and more work. Things that once were regarded as innovative are now regarded as commonplace. With all the advancements in technology and the fact that there is so much competition it is harder and harder to stand out in the crowd. When it comes to advertising the same is true. No matter what the element one is advertising in, flyers, internet, or Facebook ads, it takes more than the normal advertisement to really catch people’s eye. It takes something bold and unexpected to stand out from the crowd.

It seems the more unique an advertisement is, the more attention it will generate. Finding a way to be unique though can at times be difficult while sticking to the traditional advertising format. Because of this, many advertisers have turned to more clever types of advertisements to attract more customers. The majority of these ads tend to be a bit more nervy and impertinent, while some may even resort to advertisements that are for some are rather “cheeky”. This tendency for advertisements that are a bit saucier than is expected seems to have resulted in an increase in interest for the products they advertise.

There is a fine line between being offensive and just a bit forward and it is important that advertisers be careful when they are designing such advertisements. Much of what is considered offensive and what is not has to do with who the audience is. Young people will view things much differently than older persons will and that has a lot to do with how far one can push their advertisement without offending anyone. Another factor has to do with the location of the target audience. People in different countries and locations will view some things as humorous that others may find offensive.

As with most things it is important that one be careful when they are trying to push the limits of what is acceptable and what is not. Advertisements should always try to reach their target audience in a way that makes them feel good about the company and the services or products it offers. An advertisement is used primarily to attract a prospective customer’s attention so that they will look into what you offer and hopefully make a purchase Using creative and cheeky advertisements is one way to attract more attention than one can with a regular advertisement.

The recent advertisement from Air Asia, taking out a full-page color advertisement chiding the Singapore-based Tiger Airways certainly created more attention than their usual advertisements. Click here to read more.

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