About the Singtel Visual Menu

Improving touchpoints for customers to seek self-help with their Singtel service subscriptions.

Singtel is a telecommunications company that gets tremendous amount of help requests from their large customer base. As a leading telecom provider in Singapore, Singtel operates various platforms that cater to different user personas for them to get in touch or perform other relevant actions.

The Singtel Visual Menu is one of these platforms. As a self-help platform after a customer dials the Singtel hotline, it provides a touchpoint for older customers who rely a lot on traditional phone calls rather than an app.

Verz Design

The Problem

A high number of users immediately wandered off from the visual menu after viewing the first page.
This is caused by a disoriented user flow, unintuitive buttons, and cluttered pieces of information in the interface. Our solution to this problem was to improve the user interface for a more engaging design and an improved user experience, especially for the elderly who serve as Singtel's target audience.

The Verz Process

Discussing Expectations
Relevant stakeholders of Singtel were interviewed to discuss the pain points of their existing visual menu. We went on with the initial proposal and reviewed some feedbacks for us to move forward and establish the visual menu's basic content structure.
PHASE 2: define
Determining User Scenarios
Verz Design consulted Singtel about the various scenarios of their users in order to create pages that are functional and focused to their needs. We found out that these users are:
  • Mobile-only customers
  • Mobile and Internet customers
  • Internet-only customers
  • Non-Singtel customers
  • Home line-only customers
Based on the determined user scenarios, both parties agreed to come up with four landing pages and a finalised user flow that will cater to the following situations:
  • Mobile Transactions (LP1)
  • Fixed Transactions (LP2)
  • Both Mobile & Fixed Transactions (LP3)
  • Marketing page (LP4)
ANALYSIS & STRATEGY: designing user flow
Verz Design's priority was to incorporate a mobile-first approach following the popular access of users through their mobile devices. Our discussion with Singtel's stakeholders first resulted in an agreement that there will be two pathways for the application's user flow, namely transaction-based flow and device-based flow.After further discussion, planning, and strategizing, going with a transaction-based flow became the final decision.
Prediction Icons
PHASE 3: design
Addressing Readability
Verz Design proposed font-resizer buttons to address readability concerns of users, especially the elders.
Different weather animations in the background of the main landing page header were also designed to make the interface more lively and dynamic for the user. These animations update accordingly depending on the weather forecast in their area.The purpose of Singtel's Visual Menu is to help users retrieve relevant information and perform certain actions easily on their own. These are achieved by predicting their needs, so we decided to come up with:
Prediction Icons
To alert users whenever they need to perform a pending action
Nudge Animation
To make the icons more prominent, encouraging users to click through
Final Design Mocks
Upon the approval of our proposed user flow, Singtel was able to gain confidence with Verz Design's capabilities and understanding of the project. With the given timeframe, this also gave us the green light to skip the digital wireframing and proceed immediately in designing high fidelity visuals, thereafter finalising the User Interface for their new visual menu.Upon the completion of the frontend development, the new Singtel Visual Menu was deployed and tested rigorously through UATs, and the final product is now available to the public.
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