Before and Afters: Verz Website Makeovers Pt. 1

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04 Dec 2015


Websites are an essential part of modern media. All businesses should be investing in sustainable web design that promotes strategic marketing and memorability. This is a growing necessity for each and every company as it heightens the credibility of business and generates a potential increase in web traffic and conversions. A fundamental part of good web design is keeping things fresh and up-to-date with the latest design trends and techniques for easy navigation.

We’ve all had that awkward phase in our lives and the same goes for websites. As time goes by, professional web design has access to more advanced capabilities that can be added to a business’ site. For out-dated websites, redesigning is a definite must. Out-dated sites can be optimized using new graphics, improved navigation and a search engine-friendly design.

Here’s a peek at some of our most eye-catching website makeovers as we discuss the essential changes and fine tuning that we’ve executed to achieve the following:



Since this is a primary school specialist catering to kids of young age, we opted to keep things fresh and innovative by adding vibrant colours without completely steering away from the original colour scheme of this website. Fresh visuals through high-quality images gave this a friendly and modern look, unlocking the utmost potential of this website without going overboard.


This site makeover was driven by a need for complete rebranding. All of the information was there, but it lacked the vision and representation of what the company is all about. The revamped design entailed a huge amount of aesthetic changes; we gave it an edgier feel and darker colours, to offer a smart and impressive experience to all users when browsing through all of the pages. The use of three navigations pods pin-pointed to the main pages of this website, creating a user-friendly navigation as this is one of the focal points when revamping a website.



From crafting a different colour scheme, using strategic design elements, and even upgrading it to a responsive design, this website had to go through a lot of changes in order to having the impact that sells. The page layout was reconstructed and high quality stock photos were used to support the compelling message that their brand wants to convey to its visitors.



Transforming the old to the new involved a more fluid design to achieve a sleek and modernized theme for the website, while still remaining loyal to its original colour scheme and exteriors. To be able to incorporate the tech-savvy knowledge branding of this company, high quality photos of the actual products were used and brief descriptions of the pages through navigation pods can be seen from the homepage of this website. This is to give the customers a clearer idea on what to expect from their brand.

Sometimes people expect drastic changes when it comes to revamping their website. However, some of the best redesigns are actually subtle yet strategic, focusing on the website’s main features in order to improve customer experience for everyone.

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But wait, there’s more! Stay tuned for the part two of our website makeovers!

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