How an Audit Firm in Singapore is Leading the Industry by Embracing Digital Solutions

By: Ruviene Domingo

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12 Jan 2021

How an Audit Firm in Singapore is Leading the Industry by Embracing Digital Solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted global economic activity. The implementation of strict policy measures across industries has set off a global economic crisis. At Verz Design, we are interested to learn more about the digital solutions businesses have adopted to cope with the new normal. We also find out interesting business tips to explore in the new era of digitalisation. Learn about how an audit firm in Singapore is leading the industry by embracing digital solutions.

The Helmi Talib Group is an accounting services firm that delivers tax, accounting, auditing,  and business advisory services to clients across the Asia Pacific region. The Helmi Talib Group incorporated digital solutions well before the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of this, the firm was more prepared to face the challenges brought by the pandemic.

The Helmi Talib Group implemented a COVID-19 recovery response to help their clients navigate these uncertain times. The management built a strategic plan that is geared towards ensuring their continued ability to deliver excellent services while maintaining health and safety measures for all. 

1. Ensuring Digital Preparedness

Ensuring digital preparedness

The Helmi Talib Group established their website back in 2017 and have been incorporating other digital solutions since then.

“Making use of digital solutions has been established as a vital ingredient to a successful marketing and promotions strategy in today’s age.” For an SME like themselves, digital solutions like having an updated website allowed them to compete with bigger corporations in the industry.

The Helmi Talib Group understood that social media is one of the quickest ways to gain access to a large target audience. Because of this, they worked on a digital marketing plan with Verz Design. They created a digital marketing strategy that is focused on building their firm’s presence on various online platforms. 

Over the past year, their SEO efforts have pushed their website to the top of search results pages. They plan to continue to build on this momentum by frequently updating and improving their online content.

They also believe in this day and age, businesses must embrace digital solutions and start building their online presence.

2. Adapting Cloud Systems

Adapting cloud systems

This audit firm in Singapore recognised the need for a system that would ensure quick and secure coordination between the team and clients. They promptly started work to transfer their servers onto cloud systems. 

A cloud system refers to the computing components that enable the delivery of cloud computing services via the internet. These services include tools and applications like data storage, servers, databases and software. Rather than keeping files on a hard drive, cloud-based hosting makes it possible to save them on a remote database. As long as a person has access to the internet, that person will have access to the data anytime, anywhere.

The client portal on their website allows clients to have easy, convenient access to important documents of ongoing projects. They also ensured the security of sharing these documents online. These digital measures that they have adopted in response to the pandemic greatly benefited their clients.

3. Utilising Online Communication Platforms 

Utilising online communication platforms

The Helmi Talib Group equipped themselves with conferencing tools to allow their team and clients to collaborate seamlessly. They arranged regular online meetings to assist their clients with any inquiries they may have. Maintaining frequent online communication helped make the transition of adapting to the new normal, smooth and easy for clients. 

The audit firm in Singapore also subscribed to online training platforms such as LinkedIn Learning. This is to help prepare their employees and provide them with the necessary skills to cope with the changes brought by pandemic.

4. Enhancing Website Capabilities

Enhancing website capabilities

The Helmi Talib Group recognises that the pandemic not only changed the nature of businesses but consumer behaviour as well. “The current situation has naturally urged people to turn to online solutions for all their needs. 

From paying bills, purchasing groceries, ordering food, buying clothes and other consumer items. “Never before has a situation warranted the need for implementing technological innovations as it does today.” They believe that now is the best time for businesses to finally step up their game in building their online presence.

The Helmi Talib Group suggests that for SMEs in the same industry, a good place to start is with a simple yet user-friendly website.

  • Your website design doesn’t have to be too elaborate. Don’t aim to put all the new website features in it.
  • A simple design with features offering easy navigation is preferable.
  • Avoid including unnecessary information, this will only clutter your pages.

The Helmi Talib Group believes that the way to get your website design right the first time is by seeking professional help. “Getting the help of professional web development agencies can help simplify the process. By leaving the designing and developing aspect to experts, you can focus on building your brand and your core business.”

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